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Xenobiomed features the providing of research resources, lab supplies & services, as well as education and consulting services of the most cutting edge biomedical science and technologies. Xenobiomed distributes helpful medicare  information/clinical trials information to patients worldwide, especially from outside U.S.A.

XenoBiomed bring state-of-the-art instrumentation and methodologies crucial to modern biomedical research services within the reach of all researchers.

As the largest economy of the world, U.S.A. also takes the lead in biomedical researches and education. They simply provides the world’s best education and work positions for researchers. They also topped in the export of devices and reagents.

We can definitely be helpful if your target is one of the following:

  • Purchase research services/supplies at more economic costs

We provide you the excellent research service such as Peptide Synthesis, DNA Sequencing & Histological Services with the best purchase deals for our customers.

  • Take medical treatment/clinical trials in U.S.

We provide the most up to date information for therapies and clinical trials

  • Come to U.S. for better education/research work

We have top-level editors to create essays for your university applications

If you have finished Ph.D., we help you find well-paid post-doctorate positions

  • Need to learn or share research methods by video

We build the website featuring educative research protocols in video forms as the platform for research learning and sharing.

Tao Sun,

Founder and President of XenoBiomed Info. & Edu.