The Monoclonal Antibody Production Service provides investigators access to the technology for the efficient creation of hybridoma cell lines and the production of monoclonal antibodies from these cell lines. These services include immunization of animals, somatic cell fusions, cloning and screening of hybridomas, subcloning and establishment of antibody producing cell lines, and production of active antibodies from hybridoma lines. In addition to providing these services, the facility provides consultation and training for investigators interested in establishing any of these activities in their own research laboratory or using monoclonal antibodies in their research.


  • Cell culture hood

  • CO2 incubator

  • Inverted tissue culture microscope

  • LN2 storage

  • ELISA reader and washer

  • PCR-thermal cycler

  • Centrifuges and shakers

  • Refrigerators and freezers

  • Thermostats

  • UV/visible spectrophotometer

  • AKTA prime HPLC system

The primary function of the monoclonal service is to prepare hybridoma cell lines that produce monoclonal antibodies specific to antigens of interest to the users. Specifically the services provided are:

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      • Immunization of mice with an antigen

      • Test bleeds and analysis of mouse serum immune response

      • Somatic cell fusion and generation of hybridoma

      • Hybridoma cell line deposit

      • Screening and characterization of antibody preparation

      • Cloning and establishment of stable antibody producing cell line

      • In vitro large scale monoclonal antibody production using bioreactor

      • Affinity purification of monoclonal antibodies

      • Consultation on antibody production plan and screening assay development

      • Training to investigators on monoclonal antibody generation process