Robotic Lab Assistant



Users provide DNA (plasmid, phage or PCR product) at a standardized concentration and custom primers if necessary, and the Facility performs cycle sequencing reactions using fluorescent dye terminators, runs the capillaries, acquires the data, and provides the sequence as chromatogram and text files. We also run user’s reactions, and genotyping (fragment analysis) samples. For chromatogram editing, software is available for Macintosh and Windows platforms (see below). The current charge is $9.00 (external) per reaction of a single template and primer ($6 to run user reactions). Users are guaranteed satisfactory sequence from their orders even if it requires resequencing new template DNA (there is a 24 reaction limit), or the failed reactions are free. We are committed to giving every user satisfactory sequence.

Software for Viewing and Editing Chromatograms (required!):

  • Free EditView software from Applied Biosystems for viewing and editing chromatograms (Macintosh OS 9.x, 1.5 Mbytes).

  • Free FinchTV software for viewing and editing chromatograms (Macintosh OS X, Windows, Linux).

  • Free 4Peaks software for viewing and editing chromatograms (Macintosh OS X).

  • Free/shareware Chromas software (Windows/DOS).

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DNA Type [Plasmid; PCR flag; ss phage; Cosmid; BAC; Other ]

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