Custom Peptide Synthesis

The XenoBiomed Peptide Synthesis Core Facility produces custom peptides for researchers, and academic and commercial labs.

Scientist in the Lab
Lab Experiment

Custom Monoclonal Antibody Production

The Monoclonal Antibody Production Service provides investigators access to the technology for the efficient creation of hybridoma cell lines and the production of monoclonal antibodies from these cell lines.

DNA Sequencing & Genotyping

Users provide DNA (plasmid, phage or PCR product) at a standardized concentration and custom primers if necessary, and the Facility performs cycle sequencing reactions using fluorescent dye terminators, runs the capillaries, acquires the data, and provides the sequence as chromatogram and text files.

Robotic Lab Assistant
Test Tubes

Histological Services

Histological services including routine tissue formalin fixation, processing, paraffin embedding, microtomy, H&E staining, and immunostaining.


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